Best of both worlds

jetski boats
2Ezy Jet Ski Boats 
2Ezy Jet Ski Boat attachments, It is a jet ski boat combo which will  offer hours of water fun for the hole family .
Why buy a boat when you already have a PWC? With the jet ski boat attachment, we can turn your jet ski into a normal boat complete with ample storage for gear and seating for up to six passengers. This combination allows you more flexibility and more fun!
The unique, light, versatile and quick design of the jet ski boat allows you to expand the capabilities of your personal water craft. It provides the benefits and enjoyment of a boat without having to eliminate your personal watercraft.

The jet ski boat and your PWC are launched and landed together. The difference from a 'regular' boat is you now have flexibility on the water. Jet ski when you want to, connect back up and boat when you don't!
With a large array of design options, you can make your jet ski boat match your needs and preference. We offer lots of color and style choices. Comfortable cushions, in a wide selection of assorted colors, for a smooth and stylish ride. You will also have one galvanized trailer which carries both the jet ski boat and your PWC. We also have a range of wakeboard towers, Bimini's, speakers, storage racks and more.
So what are you waiting for? Enjoy the excitement of speeding on your jet ski and the relaxation of boating with friends and family. Take your water fun and adventures to the next level and get the best of both worlds!

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